Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.

- James J. Corbett

About Me

Hello! This is Prateek Vishwa. I am a 3d visualizer not just by profession but also by virtue of a dream that i am ardently pursuing. I am very passionate about the work i do and also want the world to see it. This website is very close to my heart as i get to showcase not just my work but also get a chance to share my knoweledge with people.
I am into this field since 2005 & have gained expertise in modeling (building a 3D model from a concept sketch or Auto CAD file), Architectural Design Visualization, Animation for Architectural Visualization (Creating a walk-through/Fly-through) & Graphic designing.
I have some ideas in my mind which i believe solve the real problem of common man in his day to day life.. In future, if it all works well, i will launch them soon! So yes i am a product designer at heart aswell haha!
Apart of work, i have a lovely family. I love to spend time with my kids, my wife & other family members. I am a horror movie freak! i do gardening & love pets! Some say that i have Obsessive compulsive disorder.. dont know how true is that but yes I am obsessed with cleanliness & cluttered environment puts me down.. So yes this is pretty much all about me!