At PRATEEK VISHWA DESIGN STUDIO (PVDS) we can help you see and build the future. Our integrated creative services and digital renderings build brand engagement and meaningful human experiences..
Led by Prateek Vishwa, the practice approaches each new project with excitement at the opportunity to make a difference. Every project, irrespective of scale, is a source of pride for us. With nearly 14 years of experience and still absolutely loving every second of designing for our clients!

Key Members

Hello! This is Prateek Vishwa. I am a 3d visualizer not just by profession but also by virtue of a dream that i am ardently pursuing. I am very passionate about the work i do and also want the world to see it. I am into this field since 2005 & have gained expertise in modeling (building a 3D model from concept sketch or AutoCAD drawing), Architectural Design Visualization, Animation for Architectural Visualization (Creating a walk-through/Fly-through) & Graphic designing.
I have some ideas in my mind which i believe solve the real problem of common man in his day to day life.. In future, if it all works well, i will launch them soon! So yes i am a product designer at heart aswell haha!
Apart of work, i have a lovely family. I love to spend time with my kids, my wife & other family members. I am a horror movie freak! i do gardening & love pets! Some say that i have Obsessive compulsive disorder.. dont know how true is that but yes am obsessed with cleanliness & cluttered environment puts me down.. So yes this is pretty much all about me!

My Favourite quote: "Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily".

- James J. Corbett

HI! This is Shilpa Sabu. Designing gives me a great high! its in my Blood : My Dad was working as a Cartoonist' for the newspaper "The Indian Express" - he also wrote articles- hence my interest has always been in the field of art n design. I have grown up in such an environment where we always discussed creative media ads n designs we came across in our day to day life. After completing my 12th form st. Xavier college i just had to do my Commercial Arts from B. D Somani college of arts at cuff parade, Mumbai, and i am proud of securing 2nd rank in my class. Thereafter its been a joyride. I worked with different advertising agencies even medical advertising where i was told that i may not get to see any of the work i do in print or to keep as record but i was OK because i understand. Thereafter i worked for big Brands like Godrej and even did copy writing for them and saw many of my work printed in newspapers and hoardings and on delivery vans and i was thrilled. I worked on brands like Essel world, Sherwin Williams, Cipla, CMC by Tata, United Phosphorus ...n many more. I always was appreciated for single highhandedly delivering my projects on time and even got official letter of appreciation from my employers. They knew they could trust me with any work to be delivered and i have till date never disappointed anyone. And my Journey continues....

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing"

HI! I am Shraddha.

After completing my Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) and attending many business development workshops I have come to the understanding of how the integration of marketing, sales and psychology significantly increases effectiveness.

I am highly passionate about my work. I have handled various projects in the past where my work has been appreciated by my employers. I was awarded many times for accomplishing targets and for building good and long term relationships with clients.

My association with PVDS is much beyond just a professional relationship. PVDS is my family and receives the same dedication from me that transpires into a wonderful 'client -service provider' relationship. I aspire to take our business to the next level by pledging my professional association with PVDS for years to come.

Greetings! This is Mrunal Shah. Business development and marketing has been in my blood since time immemorial. Being a computer engineer and after completing my Masters in Computer Application in 2014, online work was constantly running in my mind. I Would like to connect the entire world through tabs & gazettes.

My Creative mind and imagination power directed me towards PVDS. Purpose is to make life easy with software know-how and IT technology, innovative thoughts of online business with the combination of logic application and creative design software.

Rupesh is a senior 3d visualizer with almost 10 years of experience of making architectural 3d models in Autocad & Revit.

Amit is a CAD modeler with specialization in both organic & non-organic 3d modeling & texturing